03d9ac7About me: My name is Frank Weippert. I am a value investor and I live in Regensburg / Munich, Germany. I love investing as it allows me to learn something new about corporations, strategy, management teams etc. every day while making and compounding money at a rate that hopefully allows me to have a significant impact on the world one day. I set up this website to occasionally share investment ideas, links, book reviews or other thoughts with fellow investors and friends. Besides the value investing content I will occasionally write about other topics that are of interest to me. This can range form of self improvement to thoughts on how to make the world a better place. I am always open to exchanging ideas. So do not hesitate to contact me regardless of the topic.

About Lacuna: I work as Head of Research and Portfoliomanager at Lacuna, where I currently build up a team of investment professionals for several value oriented funds. I hope to be able to talk more about this soon. Lacuna largely manages the wealth of a Regensburg based family but is in the process of opening up to outside money as well.

About Value Investing: “Investing is most intelligent, when it is most business like” (Ben Graham). I like to focus my investments on cases that revolve around business questions like asessing managment teams, capital allocation, corporate strategy, restructuring potential etc. I think there is a strong edge to be gained by focusing on the management of a business – this is why I spend significant time asessing management teams.


Often my investments fit into one of the following buckets:

  • Well run “compounders”: I am typically looking for a business with predictable growth (at least high single digit growth rates – preferrably organic) and a return on tangible capital of at least 20%, which requires the business to have strong barriers to entry.¬† Typically I prefer founder managers who still own a big share of their company.
  • Potentially good businesses going through an inflection point: I believe non-linear events, that can not be predicted by looking in the rear mirror, are often overlooked by the market. This can be a change within the business itself, or a management change – often with some restructuring.